Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blog update

Hello guys, I'm here this time, not for post an image, but for tell you:
I have decided to close the poll in what I ask for the language of the blog.
and yes, this is the reason for posting this in English
the results were very obvious, (85% want the English)
the most part of the visits on my blog are from U.S.A.
I have to say that my English is not very good.
my mother language is the Spanish, so bear with me.

the entries that I post before to this, will remain in spanish. I don't have the time for translate all.

I have not post a image in a some days... and I don't know when I will post some...
the reasons are two... I come back to the university from my vacations (I have less time)
and the second reason is... I have been studying some of coloring and styles for the images in my free time
so... I'm be waiting for post more decently the next time

For end this:
the poll that I been doing, show a great preference to pokemon and naruto...
which of the characters in these series you want to see in the next poll?
please let me know it