Friday, October 21, 2011

poll 3: trick or treat Temari said: trick


que personaje quieres ver en una de mis imagenes? // which character you want to see one of my pictures?

this survey is special.
I did not mention it but the result of this survey will be a halloween special.
to celebrate this great month.
this survey had a large number of voters, more than in previous surveys
that's good because my blog visits increase with each month.
and take this opportunity to thank all for this.

This survey has a unique result
although not long ago a survey conducted
I did the survey this time both my blog and in my DeviantArt account and the results were :

Character           Blog results   DA results       Total
Temari:                 25 votes             11 votes     36 votes
Kushina Uzumaki: 22 votes               8 votes     30 votes
Mei Terumi:          18 votes               4 votes     22 votes
Fuu:                      17 votes               2 votes     19 votes
Shizune:                12 votes               4 votes     16 votes
Samui:                  10 votes               2 votes      12 votes
Ayame:                   5 votes               4 votes       9 votes
Moegi:                    2 votes               2 votes       4 votes         all votes: 148

I checked the voting day by day
and I realized that the voting was closely contested from the start
Was between Temari and Kushina, just a little difference.

and the winner is: Temari



  1. Yeah, muy buena la pose de Temari, lastima que Moegi no ganara, me hubiera gustado una imagen de la joven chica.

  2. si, creo que Moegi no gano al tener tan fuertes competidoras xD
    quizas en otra encuesta la vuelva a agregar