Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I need names of characters for a new poll


Hi everyone
as you know... the last poll ended, and the winner are Inoue Orihime and Ichigo Kuroaki from Bleach.
here's the image:
now... I want to start a new Poll... and I want you to give me names...
from anime, cartoons, games, whatever you want
the conditions are simply: ONLY FEMALE
so please tell me here in this entry, and when I have a list of names, I will open a new Poll.



  1. Here is my list of characters you yet have to use.

    Spalsh Women: Megaman
    Mei: Pokemon BW2
    Some Touhou characters you want to choose as they all are female.
    Gardevoir: Pokemon
    Katara: Avatar the Last Airbender
    Tron Bonne: Megaman legends
    Phosphora: Kid Icarus
    Betilla: Rayman Origins

  2. Dawn: Pokemon
    Ashley: Pokemon
    Anabel+Greta: Pokemon
    Sakura: Street Fighter
    Hikaru: Magic Knight Rayearth

  3. Hinata - Naruto
    Rei - Sailor Moon
    Ami - Sailor Moon
    Tea/Anzu - YuGiOh!
    Katara - Avatar
    Aries - Fairy Tail
    Wendy - Fairy Tail
    Iori - I's
    Haruna - To Love-Ru

  4. Hinata- Naruto
    Ino- Naruto
    Evil-lyn- He-man
    Gwen- Total Drama Island
    Gwen- Ben 10
    Charmcaster- Ben 10
    Ember- Danny Phantom
    Just to name a few ;)

  5. Mito Uzumaki- Naruto
    Rin- Naruto
    Aya- Green lantern
    star sapphire- Green lantern
    Starfire- Teen titans.
    Hinata's mother- Naruto
    Mebuki Haruno- Naruto
    Yukari Tanizaki- Azumanga Daioh