Friday, November 2, 2012

Sexy Karin: Muerdeme


Hi everyone!!!
here with another work 
Karin Uzumaki

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  1. Hey reit? it's me Sho87 from deviantart aka the Sasuharemheaven and i'm sorry for asking but I wanted to know where have you've been? I still have you as a member and a contributor of the community. It's just that you haven't been contributing any Sasuke related stuff for a long while. I assumed you where a hardcore Sasuke fan like me and blaixcan.

    And also I noticed alot of Naruto(character) fanworks and commissions you have been doing, um why aren't you doing stuff for SSH as well. ANd also I want to finally know if you were going to finish those linearts I send you since last year.

    So I just wanted these questions anwsered. Thanks.