Thursday, November 21, 2013

Poll: Rematch Time!

Hello guys
another poll... and the winner was: "Tenten wants a rematch with Temari after the chunin exam but in different way,Tenten riding Naruto and he is sucking a nipple,Temari fucked reverse cowgirl and her tits groped by Naruto,and a referee keeping orgasm scores."
please enjoy


  1. Taht's normal I can't see the image? PReview was fine but now there is nothing... O_o

    1. strange... I can see it... try to see it on R34, Tumblr or Whentai... you can find the url on the "my sites" section

    2. Well, it work for me too now... That's curious. but thanks for the advice, I'll do that next time.

      also, this is an excelelnt piece, so powerfull you drew Temari again but where are these pools? Deviantart?

    3. the polls are from
      in this page you can add ideas and votes for polls
      but you have to be logged