Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 News!

Hello people!
I know that I don't do so much work lately (I be working on the lasts page of the comic "Feel the pain" and another work for my friend OddRich) but I'm back, with lots of good news...
But first, as some people know, I don't have account on DA anymore and I don't have intention to open a new one... so if you want to contact me, please read this entry until the finish.

To start this new year I changed my logo (as can you see here on the header of my blog), also I changed the design of the page (did you like it? please leave me a comment bellow).
but this isn't the only new, I reopen the commissions, and you can see the price list here:  Commission (or in the menu of the blog as always)
if you want a image made by me, please send me a email: reit.pedidos@gmail.com

and as always you can find me on Tumblr and Google+.
but also, now you can find me too on Faccebook and Twitter (click to follow me)
btw... I'll be on the chat of Facebook where you can ask me whatever you want or just ask for commissions
I'll be posting my news on those pages too... so please don't forget to follow me, also you can see a new section on the menu called "Social" where you can find those sites.

also, as I said before, I don't have account on DA anymore, but now I have a new account on NewGrounds, you can find my works here.
and finally I can do my own videos, so if you want to see how I do my images, take a look to the Video section here on my blog

and to finish, as so many knows, I'm working on the page Whentai.com where you can add ideas on my poll... (I'm with a poll now, you can add your idea until today!)
and please, help me with a like on my images in that page, so I'll be available to do more free images on the page.

to resume...

Commissions are open!

you can find me on this pages:

this socials webs:

and also a new section on my blog:



  1. Muchas gracias por las noticias.
    Se agradece mucho lo que haces y te deseo suerte para este 2014!!!

    1. muchas gracias a ti por la consideracion