Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Commission: I saw nothing

Hi, this is a commission for jmhguy
they are characters from a web series called Tome
I don't know so much about this series, but looks interesting

also, I have to say that I am on a new website (yes, another one xD), Patreon
you can find me here:
in this website you can support me with donations, and if you can donate me ($1, $2, $3... whatever you want) you can see exclusive content, like sketchs, linearts and another version of my images... but dont worry, I'll be uploading my images on my sites like always...
please take a look to the page... and if you can't donate, please share the page with your friends
I'll be giving notices about the sites in the future

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  1. to see what this is based on here is the link