Saturday, January 10, 2015

Commission: Skylanders Trap Team: Sweet Wet Dreams Cover

Hello people!!!
here a new commission for my friend BlueDragonKaiser
it's a new project that I'll start with him
a new comic
I don't know how often I gonna post pages about this comic, because as you know, this is a commission
and it depends about how much and when BlueDragonKaiser want the pages
a little like the comic "feel the pain" that I have with oddrich
by the way... I have to comunicate that Oddrich have some problems to finish the pages because he doesn't have computer to work for now...
but I'm still doing pages for the comic
you can see sketches and linearts about it on my patreon page!
please support me if you want to see exclusive content (like sketches of pages for comics!)


  1. Who will be in the comic?

  2. When will the comic be out?