Thursday, February 5, 2015

Commission: Uchiha in Blossom cover

Surprise mother fu.... ejem... I mean... surprise guys!!!!
this is a new project! yes! another comic... and as you can see this will be about Sarada Uchiha
this is a commission for an annon friend...
so... as my others comics the publish of pages does not depend on me
depend on how much the commissioner can pay xD
I'll not left behind my others comics
as I said you can see sketches and linearts about "Feel the Pain" on my patreon (only for patrons)
until Oddrich can color the next page

also I have to give the thanks for those who be with me in the stream while I did this image
I am in streaming almost everyday... so, if you want to see me drawing, coloring or just chat a little.... you can find me here:

please support me on Patreon to see exclusive content (also images like this in HD!):


  1. I'm put off, now.....thanks.

    I hate paywalls. You would know if you are a Skyrim fan and play with mods regularly.

    1. who say that you have to pay to see the rest?
      this comic isn't finished yet
      and I'll post the whole comic here
      don't misunderstand and don't give the wrong idea