Thursday, February 11, 2016

Patreon: Valentines Chocolates

this is the image of the month for my patron Powerbot99
Iri Flina from Sword Girls and Arietta from Tales of the Abyss
this image have a exclusive version full nude only for patrons and HD packs

for those who still don't know, I lost my tumblr account.... Yes, again... someone is trolling me xD
anyways... I am on Instagram now to compensate it...
I'll be uploading some SFW works on there... and some other stuff... like photos, some "in progress" works, etc...
I'll take a little vacations the 17th of this month, until the end of the month...
so, I'll be sharing some sketches or photos on instagram for those days that I'll be out
you can follow me here:
c'mon... at least take a look =D

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