Thursday, March 3, 2016

Coimission: New Super Maria Sis. Page-5

Final page!
yes... this is the last one for this mini comic!
and from now you can find it as a pack on my gumroad (Shop) account
what you can find in the pack?

you can find 23 images:

-5 HD images (Main comic)
-5 HD exclusive variants (Full nude comic)
-8 HD exclusive variants (no-text version)
-4 Exclusive Full resolution Sketches!
-1 exclusive Full resolution Mini comic Sketch!

yes... in the pack you can find full nude pages!
also 5 extra images (sketches) about Maria and Luisa in different outfits... exclusive!
and one last sketch page about another mini comic with Maria... exclusive!

you can find the pack here:

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