Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Commission: Sakura Gaiden Page-7

Before you say it!
I know that the comic pages are really slow
but please understand that I have another works to do too
I have some commission in the queue and I have to do them
also, the persons who pay for this comics (Uchiha in Blossom and Sakura Gaiden) can't pay for the whole comic at once!!!
and I have to wait for them, for the ideas of pages and for the payment
so please, be reasonable... I am doing what I can...
and I really, really REALLY want to finish this comic
That said, I hope you enjoy this new page!

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  1. very good. I wait with longing and despair and
    I hope that you upload fast the next.

  2. increíble, quiero la siguiente pag