Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Patreon: My favourite Pokemon

Pokemonth is here!
yes... this is the first monthly theme for monthly Patron's image
past month we (patrons and me) made a "contest" choosing and voting for different themes
then the Patrons have the choice to follow the monthly theme for monthly images (Voluntary)
from now Patrons who pledge +$10, can participate into give ideas and vote for ideas in the future months

and here we are... the first theme is Pokemon...
I already have some Patrons who want Pokemon images... so be prepared
because Characters from the serie, games, Anthro Pokemons, and Pokephilia is coming!

and to start this first Pokemonth (maybe we can take the theme again for future months)
we have the image for my Patron Powerbot99
Caitlin, Elite 4 from Black and White and Valerie, Gym leader from X&Y
both with a special costume about their pokemons
this image have 3 extra versions only for Patrons  and HD packs:

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