Saturday, May 14, 2016

Pokemon Sketchbook Collab

You're enjoying Pokemonth?
Then you gonna love this Collab pack that I made with my Pal ManiacPaint!
We was working on this pack from some months ago (just a coincidence to upload it on Pokemonth xD)

this pack contains 40 detailed sketches!
and 5 Cell Shaded pinups (like the images that we uploaded before) with 2 variant each one (15 images total!)
with that we have a pack with 55 images with females charecters from Pokemon!
where you can find:
Winona, Alexia, Lenora, May, Bel, Maylene, Elesa, Flannery, Chyntia, Clair, Diantha, Erika, Phoebe, Gardenia, Georgia, Skyla, Roxie, Candice, Jenny, Joy, Korrina, Lyra, Hilda, Dawn, Misty, Rosa, Fennel, Roxanne, Janine, Serena, Shauna, Team; Aqua, Magma, Plasma and Rocket, Valerie, Green, Violeta, Blanca, Sabrina, Iris, Hex Maniac and Jasmine.

you can find it on my shop:

or directly here:

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