Sunday, October 2, 2016

Reit News!

I'm here with some news for all my fans/followers/patrons
after thinking about my situation and seek advice from my friends and Patrons
I have decided to close my commissions indefinitely.
that's means that I don't gonna take more commission from now, but if you're in queue, don't worry... because I want to finish all the pending commissions and comics

then... What will happen to my works from now?
after finish all the commissions in queue, I want to dedicate more time to improve my Patreon page
with new rewards and things
also I want to give images with own ideas and ofcourse the monthly images for Patrons
so, if you still want to ask for images, you should check my Patreon's rewards, because I still have open slots for monthly images as a reward

and if you are wondering when I'll open commissions again...
I still don't have that in mind, but maybe I'm gonna give some commissions in Picarto (streaming) some day in the future or maybe open commissions with a few slots (here or for patrons)

and that's all for now
if you have a question, please feel free to leave them in the comments

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