Saturday, November 19, 2016

I'm not a child

Finally a own idea for an image :P
few days ago I made 6 sketches about pokemon on my stream channel (picarto)
and this is one of those sketches
I want to finish another one of them about Misty
and maybe make more sketches
but don't worry... I'm gonna add all those Sketches into the November pack
for Patrons and Shop
remember that this is the month of Pokemon Girls!
and if you want to give your idea for another monthly theme and vote into the polls
just support me on Patreon

and don't worry about the comics (Sakura Gaiden and Castlevania Ends II)
I'm just waiting to the Commissioners to start the new pages

This image have 5 extra versions exclusive for Patrons and Shop
both after the end of the month

please support my works and get a lot of rewards each month:
and here you can find all my works in Full resolution, also exclusive content

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