Monday, December 19, 2016

Latest Commissions of the Year!

Hello guys!

I want to open 6 slots for commissions…

the prices are the same as the old commissions:
two character max (Because I want to finish them before the end of the year)
only one version, no variants… (but if I like the idea, and if I have the time maybe I’ll consider to do some as a gift)
If I receive more than 6 ideas for commissions, I’m gonna take the best ideas, so give your best on that
if you want a Slot you have to send me an e-mail ( with the style for the image (full color or Cell shaded) references for characters, background (if you want one) and pose. After that… I’m gonna give you the price if you have the slot or else I’m gonna tell you if I don’t have more slots


1.-Lee (DONE)

2.-BlueDragonKaiser (DONE)


4.-Shinigami  Senshi (DONE)


6.-Theo (paid)

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