Monday, August 15, 2011

Naruto Sage VS Pain Chikushodo

Well, here's the result of time spent studying photoshop XD
is a bit more complex, but I like more the result
I hope you feel the same
I did not draw the background, because it is too late and I was lazy
here is the result:

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Commission: Lineart Dawn + OC

well, here is the petition of ChibiEEnE 
on which is his OC Shawn and Dawn from pokemon

this image not be colored 
if you want to color this, first ask me

Blog update

Hello guys, I'm here this time, not for post an image, but for tell you:
I have decided to close the poll in what I ask for the language of the blog.
and yes, this is the reason for posting this in English
the results were very obvious, (85% want the English)
the most part of the visits on my blog are from U.S.A.
I have to say that my English is not very good.
my mother language is the Spanish, so bear with me.

the entries that I post before to this, will remain in spanish. I don't have the time for translate all.

I have not post a image in a some days... and I don't know when I will post some...
the reasons are two... I come back to the university from my vacations (I have less time)
and the second reason is... I have been studying some of coloring and styles for the images in my free time
so... I'm be waiting for post more decently the next time

For end this:
the poll that I been doing, show a great preference to pokemon and naruto...
which of the characters in these series you want to see in the next poll?
please let me know it

Monday, August 8, 2011

Dawn in the darkroom

Hola a todos, aquí mi ultimo trabajo: Dawn de pokemon
hace mucho tiempo que quería dibujarla, pero no lo hacia nunca
la razón para hacer primero a May, es simplemente por que quería pensar en una buena imagen para Dawn, ya que me gusta mucho este personaje
y bueno, este es el resultado
¿a quien no le gustaría tenerla en su propio cuarto oscuro?

Friday, August 5, 2011

may footjob

he visto el avance de la encuesta y me he dado cuenta que muchos piden mas de pokemon, y es verdad, no he hecho muchas imágenes de la serie, así que para compensaros aqui esta may:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer fun Misty-May-Dawn

he aquí mi trabajo...
por fin terminado, tiempo sin hacer una imagen de pokemon
por eso aquí están las tres chicas mas famosas de la serie
mas pikachu... que me quedo medio mutante xD

Monday, August 1, 2011

Karin Hentai

Esta vez le toca a karin de la serie "naruto shippuden"
hace tiempo que no dibujaba nada de naruto, así que me decidí a dibujar a esta chica que me gusta mucho
espero que a ustedes también...

Necesito ideas para la próxima encuesta... si tienes alguna, no dudes en decírmela

I need ideas for the next survey... if you have any, please tell me