Friday, June 23, 2017

Ruining childhoods again

more Lolis!
this time with Shizuka from Doraemon
this one have 2 more versions
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  1. I watch this blog once per 2 weeks, it's embarrassing to admit that I haven't commented many times about how good they are, but now curiosity won over me about a question, do you only consider comissions or do you have a place where people can comment what they would like without compromise to see and if you see enough interest on a project? sometimes I like to share ideas about what would be cool to see, but I don't really have much money for a Patreon (and on my country one dollar is worth roughly 20 times more than the national coin), so I wanted to know if there's some place where I can share thoughts with other people, or a place where I can see what future works can I expect to see coming soon here.Anyway, thanks and cool work as usual

    1. Thanks for comment!
      I'm not taking commission right now, but I make polls for monthly themes on patreon
      where patrons choose the ideas for the pool
      and also you can give ideas (character only) on my patreon and facebook fanpage
      also, you can find me on my other social pages too

  2. is it part of hentai manga or just artwork ?
    if it is part of hentai manga where i get full manga is it on petreon ?
    either way awesome artwork keep going

  3. Replies
    1. No, I believe that is what you would call a "Cat."