Commissions Closed

I'm gonna open a few Commission's slots
if you want an image made by me, you just have to follow this simple rules:

-I'm not gonna take all the commissions, just the best ideas in my opinion
-you can send as much ideas as you want to my email (
-you have to wait until my confirmation to know if you have the slot for the image
-with the confirmation, I'm gonna send the price for the image (you can pay only after this e-mail)
-I'm gonna start the sketch only after the payment of the commission
-the sketch will be send to your email to know if everything is fine
-you can make some small changes in this step (I'm not gonna consider big changes, you have to give those details in the first e-mail, with the description of your idea)
-after the changes I'm gonna finish the image
-you gonna have the full resolution image, which is exclusive for the monthly pack... a lower resolution version will  be uploaded and shared in to my pages

1 Character Cel Shading: $70
2 Characters Cel Shading: $100
Simple Background: +$30

*I can charge an extra amount if the image have complex characters or have a lot of details (arguable)
*I’m gonna do only cel shading images and with a max of 2 character
*You can contact me if you have some questions
*I'm gonna open just 3 slots, but if everything going well, I'm gonna open more after finish this ones


(Only English and Spanish)


  1. Try these sex images:
    Egoshipping (Gary x Misty)
    Heattagshipping (Dawn x Conway)
    Pokesilvershipping (Ash x Lyra)
    Ferriswheelshipping (Hilda x N)
    Contestshipping (May x Drew)
    BlackDiamondshipping (Iris x Paul)

  2. make an rouge the bat hentai please thanks

    1. lol
      that's not how it work dude xD

  3. Hello, I would like a full colour single commission work please. Could I have Belle from Beauty and the Beast being tentacle fucked in the asshole especially? Tight asshole, small pussy and medium boobs, like a 38 D

    1. please read the rules... all commissions must be via email

  4. Id recommend Star vs the forces of evil - Star butterfly x Marco (The boy in the red jacket)

  5. Are comic commissions available?

  6. Lucy making new contracts with a few new celestial spirits with her body